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What is Astrology
We all know that moon affects all the water bodies on earth, with its cycle. The rising and falling tides are direct affect of the moon. Similarly moon, also affects the water in our bodies and menstrual cycle in women. Similarly, our very lives are dependent on one planet, the Sun. Our whole lives are dictated by the rising and setting of Sun. Similarly all the planets in the solar system affect the earth and its creatures in different capacities. In Hindi, 'Astrology' is called 'Jyotish'. This means the rays or light of the planets in the solar system which control and influence every event and creature on earth. The rays affect all creatures and specifically humans. It is a Vedic science(taken from ancient texts called Vedas). 
Those who wish to learn astrology must invoke blessings of Lord Vishnu, according to the ancient divine records. 
Lord Vishnu has allocated some of His powers to different demigods or devatas to bestow material benefits to living entities. He has also delegated powers to Brahma, the creator, and the worshippable dieties of all planets, who affect the destiny of humans. When a child is born, the position of planets in the sky help shape his destiny. Analysing and perdicting the childs future according to the stars and suggesting remedies to correct the bad or negative events may be called Astrology.
Astrology can benefit people in the working their day to day life. With the basic knowledge of Sarjatak System (of Astrology), one can perdict one's luck in all fields of life. 
Further more, the system can guide you to plan important events in advance in the best times, for successful results. You can also prevent or diminish effect of bad or negative events. Every thing in your life can be mapped, planned, and a solution provided for your problems(that have arisen due to your unlucky stars)under the Sarjatak System.

Zodiac Signs and Planets Astrologically, Earth is divided into 360 degrees of arc, and is further divided into 12 Zodiac Signs (called houses in layman language) of 30 degrees each. The Numbers of these houses start from 1 to 12 and are named as:

1 Aries 2 Taurus 3 Gemini 4 Cance r5 Leo 6 Virgo 7 Libra
8 Scorpio 9 Sagittarius 10 Capricorn 11 Aquarius 12 Pisces

These are controlled by the Sun and the Moon and also by 7 planets including 2 shadowy planets, totalling to nine in all. There are also other planets like Uranus, Pluto and Neptune, but they are not accounted for in Hindu astrology, since their influence is not very effective on the human being, that is more applicable to nature's objects including plants trees and natural calamities. The main 7 planets are (1) Mars, (2) Mercury, (3) Jupiter, (4) Venus, (5) Saturn. The two shadowy planets are (6) Rahu (Dragon's head) and (7) Ketu (Dragon's tail).Zodiac Signs are like lenses through which the planets see and act and affect all beings on Earth. The twelve houses are fields of experiences of inner, psychological and material or non-material. The total houses are disciplined into 12 zodiac signs and the prediction of a person is calculated keeping the movements of the planets in the sky at the time of the birth of an individual or of an institute with different nature and modes of human and stars, their characters and effects thereon by the planetary rotations.If planetary effects were not there, all the human being would have been alike, all carrying dull brains with unintelligent flesh. The world would not have produced variety of genius brains such as the scientists, engineers, mathematicians, architects, writers, poets, artists, painters, designers, organisers, builders, warriors, astronomers, preachers, prophets and leaders in war and peace. Without planetary effects, all would have been carrying the dull flesh with no media man existing to report the stories of the earth and its living inhabitants. Similar would have been the condition of plants of trees. In absence of star effects, all trees and plants would have been fruitless and without any meaning of their existence and the human beings and other creatures would not have been benefited by this.

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