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108 Names of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
A chain of Gems, being the 108 Names of Bhagavân Srî Sathya Sai Baba
1. Aum Sri Bhagawan Sathya Sai Babaya Namah
I Bow to Lord Sathya Sai Baba: Who is Divine Mother and Father
2. Aum Sri Sathya Swarupaya Namah
Who is Embodiment of Truth
3. Aum Sri Sai Sathya Dharma Parayanaya Namah
Who is Devoted to Truth and Righteousness
4. Aum Sri Sai Varadaya Namah
Who is Giver of Boons
5. Aum Sri Sai Satpurushaya Namah
Who is eternal existing Truth
6. Aum Sri Sai Gunatmane Namah
Who is embodiment of virtues
7. Aum Sri Sai Sadhu Vardhanaya Namah
Who spreads goodness all around
8. Aum Sri Sai Sadhu Jana Poshane
Who sustains and shelter virtuous persons
9. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Jnaya Namah
Who is omniscient
10. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Jana Priyaya Namah
Who is loved by all
11. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Shakti Murtaye Namah
Who is embodiment of all powers
12. Aum Sri Sai Sarveshay Namah
Who is Lord of all
13. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Sanga Parithyagine Namah
Who is One without any attachment
14. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Antharyaminey Namah
Who checks and regulates feelings of everyone
15. Aum Sri Sai Mahimatmane Namah
Who is Supremest Lord
16. Aum Sri Sai Maheshwara Swarupaya Namah
Who is embodiment of Lord Shiva
17. Aum Sri Sai Parthi Gramodbhavaya Namah
Who is born in Parthi village
18. Aum Sri Sai Parthi Kshetra Vivasine Namah
Who is Resident of Parthi
19. Aum sri Sai Yashakaya Shirdi Vasine Namah
Who was worshipped in the previous Incarnation as the Residant of Shirdi
20. Aum Sri Sai Jodi Aadi Palli Somappaya Namah
Who assumed the form of 'somappaya'
21. Aum Sri Sai Bhardwaja Rishi Gothraya Namah
Who is descendant of Sage Bhaaradwaja
22. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Vatsalaya Namah
Who is affectionate towards devotees
23. Aum Sri Sai Apantaratmay Namah
Who is indweller of all beings
24. Aum Sri Sai Avatar Murtaye Namah
Who is embodiment of Incarnation
25. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Bhaya Nivarine Namah
Who removes all fears
26. Aum Sri Sai Apastambha Sutray Namah
Who is born in Sage Apastambha lineage
27. Aum Sri Sai Abhaya Pradaya Namah
Who grants fearlessness
28. Aum Sri Sai Ratnakara Vanshod Bhavaya Namah
Who is born in ratnakar dynasty
29. Aum Sri Sai Shirdi Abheda Shaktyavataraya Namah
Whose Glory is not different from that of Shirdi incarnation
30. Aum Sri Sai Shankaraya Namah
Who is Lord Shiva
31. Aum Sri Sai Shirdi Sai Muryaye Namah
Who is Incarnation of Shirdi Sai
32. Aum Sri Sai Dwarakamayi Vasine Namah
Who is residant of Dwarakamayi (Name of a mosque in Shirdi)
33. Aum Sri Sai Chitravathi Tat Puttaparthi Viharine Namah
Who moves about on the bank of the Chitravathi river in Puttaparthi
34. Aum Sri Sai Sakti Pradya Namah
Who bestows strength and vigor
35. Aum Sri Sai Sharanagat Tranaya Namah
Who saves those who surrender
36. Aum Sri Sai Anandaya Namah
Who is bliss
37. Aum Sri Sai Ananda Daya Namah
Who grants bliss
38. Aum Sri Sai Aartha Tran Parayanaya Namah
Who is Saviour of affiliced
39. Aum Sri Sai Anatha Nathaya Namah
Who is Lord of those destitutes
40. Aum Sri Sai Asahaya Sahayaya Namah
Who is Saviour of helpless
41. Aum Sri Sai Loka Bhandhavaya Namah
Who is kith and kin to all
42. Aum Sri Sai Loka Seva Parayanaya Namah
Who is serving and helping all
43. Aum Sri Sai Loka Nathaya Namah
Who is Lord of all
44. Aum Sri Sai Deenjana Poshanaya Namah
Who nourishes and sustains afflicted
45. Aum Sri Sai Murti Traya Swarupaya Namah
Who is Trinity: Brahama; Vishni and Maheshwara
46. Aum Sri Sai Mukti Pradaya Namah
Who grants liberation
47. Aum Sri Sai Kalusha Viduaya Namah
Who is the remover of defects and faults
48. Aum Sri Sai Karuna Karay Namah
Who is compassionate
49. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Adharaya Namah
Who is the Support of all
50. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Hrudaya Vasine Namah
Who is indweller of everyone's heart
51. Aum Sri Sai Punya Phala Pradaya Namah
Who is Giver of fruits of meirtorious
52. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Papa Kshaya Karaya Namah
Who is remover of all sins
53. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Roga Nivarine Namah
Who is remover of all diseases - destroyer of the cycle of birth and death
54. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Badha Haraya Namah
Who is destroyer of all sufferings
55. Aum Sri Sai Anant Nuta Kartanaya Namah 
Who is creator and Who is praised endlessly
56. Aum Sri Sai Adi Purushaya Namah
Who is beginningless Lord
57. Aum Sri Sai Adi Sakthye Namah
Who is infinate power
58. Aum Sri Sai Aparupa Shaktine Namah
Who has delightful and wonderful powers
59. Aum Sri Sai Avyaktha Roopine Namah
Who is formless
60. Aum Sri Sai Kam Krodha Dhwamsine Namah
Who destroys desire and anger
61. Aum Sri Sai Kanak Ambar Dharine Namah
Who wears golden coloured dress
62. Aum Sri Sai Adbhuta Charyaya Namah
Who does astonishing activities not seen anywhere
63. Aum Sri Sai Apad Bhandhavaya Namah
Who helps as a brother in times of calamities
64. Aum Sri Sai Prematmane Namah
Who is Supremest Love
65. Aum Sri Sai Prema Moortaya Namah
Who is embodiment of Love
66. Aum Sri Sai Prema Pradaya Namah
Who grants love
67. Aum Sri Sai Priyaya Namah
Who is loved by all
68. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Priyaya Namah
Who is loved by Detotees
69. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Mandaraya Namah
Who confers happiness of Heaven to devotees
70. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Jana Hridaya Viharaya Namah
Whose play-ground is the heart of devotees
71. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Jana HrudayaLayaya Namah
Who dewlls in the heart of devotees
72. Aum Sri Sai Bhakta Paradhinaya Namah
Who is bound to devotees by their devotion
73. Aum Sri Sai Bhakti Jnana Pradipaya Namah
Who ignites the light of devotion and spiritual knowledge
74. Aum Sri Sai Bhakti Pradaya Namah
Who shows the path of devotion and through devotion to knowledge to all aspirants
75. Aum Sri Sai Sujanana Marg Darshakaya Namah
Who shows the path of attaining right knowledge
76. Aum Sri Sai Jnana Swarupaya Namah
Who is embodiment of knowledge
77. Aum Sri Sai Gita Bodhakaya Namah
Who is giver and teacher of Gita
78. Aum Sri Sai Jnana Siddhi Daya Namah
Who is grants the attainments of wisdom and success
79. Aum Sri Sai Sundar Rupay Namah
Who has charming form
80. Aum Sri Sai Punya Purushaya Namah
Who is embodiment of purity
81. Aum Sri Sai Phala Pradaya Namah
Who grants the fruits of our actions
82. Aum Sri Sai Purushottamaya Namah
Who is supremest among all
83. Aum Sri Sai Purana Purushaya Namah
Who is the Ever Existent Perpetual Being
84. Aum Sri Sai Atitaya Namah
Whose Glory transcends the Three Worlds
85. Aum Sri Sai Kaalatitaya Namah
Who is beyond time
86. Aum Sri Sai Siddhi Rupaya Namah
Who is embodiment of all success and accomplishments
87. Aum Sri Sai Siddha Sankalpaya Namah
Whose power of Will is instant success
88. Aum Sri Sai Aarogya Pradaya Namah
Who grants good health
89. Aum Sri Sai Anna Vastra Daya Namah
Who is sustainer of all Beings, by providing food; shelter and clothing
90. Aum Sri Sai Samsara Dukha Kshaya Karaya Namah
Who is the destroyer of sorrows and sufferings of Samsaar (the objective world)
91. Aum Sri Sai Sarva Bhista Pradaya Namah
Who grants all desirable objects
92. Aum Sri Sai Kalyana Gunaya Namah
Who has agreeable attributes
93. Aum Sri Sai Karma Dhwansine Namah
Who destroys evil effect or reactions or bad actions
94. Aum Sri Sai Sadhu Manas Shobitaya Namah
Who shines in the mind of good persons as brilliance knowledge
95.Aum Sri Sai Sarva Mata Sammantaya Namah
Who represents all faiths
96.Aum Sri Sai Sadhi Manas Parishodhakaya Namah
Who helps purify the mind of spiritual aspirants
97.Aum Sri Sai Sadhak Anugraha Vat Vriksha Prathisthapakaya Namah
Who has planted a tree as a boon to spiritual aspirants
98.Aum Sri Sai Sakala Samsaya Haraya Namah
Who destroys all doubts
99.Aum Sri Sai Sakala Tatwa Bodhakaya Namah
Who grants essence of all spirtitual knowledge
100.Aum Sri Sai Yogi Swaraya Namah
Who is Lord of all yogis
101.Aum Sri Sai Yogindra Vanditaya Namah
Who is revered by Masters of Yogas
102.Aum Sri Sai Sarva Mangal Karaya Namah
Who is grantor of auspiciousness and prosperity
103.Aum Sri Sai Sarva Siddhi Pradaya Namah
Who grants all accomplishments and skills
104.Aum Sri Sai Aapanivarine Namah
Who removes calamities
105.Aum Sri Sai Aarathi Haraya Namah
Who destroys bodily and mental distress
106.Aum Sri Sai Shanta Murtaye Namah
Who is embodiment of peace
107.Aum Sri Sai Sulabha Prasannaya Namah
Who is easily pleased
108.Aum Sri Sai Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Babaya Namah
I bow to Lord Sathya Sai Baba: Who is Divine Mother and Father

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