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Peace is a shoreless ocean - it is the light that illuminates the world.
Your lives are essentially of the nature of Peace (Shanthi). Your nature is essentially Love; your hearts are saturated with Truth. Rid yourselves of the impediments that prevent their manifestation, you do not make any attempt towards this and so, there is no Peace or Love or Truth in the home, the Community, the Nation and the World.
You chant, "Peace, Peace, Peace" - i.e. three times after meditation, Bhajan etc., By merely uttering thrice with your tongue, you cannot obtain or ensure peace. The significance of the three chants is that man is in need of three kinds of peace (I) Adhibhoutik - peace unhampered by other beings, (ii) Adhyatmik - peace undistrubed by one's own body and mind (iii) Adhidaivik - peace undistrubed by forces beyond human control. Of these three, "Adhi-daivi" signifies the need for Divine Grace which can be earned only by absolute surrender to God.
Peace comes from within. Contentment is a mental condition. Do not feed the roots of attachment to worldly comforts, more than is absolutely necessary. They lead only to anxiety and fear, they can never satisfy the innermost craving of man. Lead them into the path of devotion and dedication; that will be for them the path of content and joy. Emphasise the universal Self Principle, encourage prayer, meditation. Quiet contemplation of grandeur and glory of God, reflected in Nature, repetition of the Name of the Lord, encourage silence and solitude, for the sake of introspection and contact with the springs of joy inherent in man.
If you are at peace with yourself, you will discern peace all around.
Peace is the characteristic of the mind of Man. That is the innate quality of the mind. In order to search for peace there is no need to go anywhere else, as gold and silver lie hiddenunder the earth and pearl and coral under the sea, Peace and joy also lie hidden in the activities of the Mind. Desirous of acquiring these hidden treasures, if one dives and turns mental activities inward, then, he becomes full of Prema or Love
Supari (Betel Nut) is brown, paan (betel leaves) is green, chunam is white, but, when these are chewed together, the color is red. When the three gunas- Satwa, Rajas and Tamas are equated in Sadhana the result is Shanthi.

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