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Truth relates not only to what is factually correct, but what is true for all time. Moreover, truthful speech must be both pleasing and beneficial to the person concerned. It should not excite passion or promote ill-will. You should not indulge in falsehood to please others.
If you tell the truth, tell it clearly and sweetly. Do not tell truth in an unclear way, or tell untruth in a dear way.
Uttering truth is easy. But indulging in falsehood is a tortuous process. One has to take a lot of trouble to cover up one lie with more lies. That is why it has been said; "Sathyam brooyath; Priyam brooyath; Na brooyath Sathyam Apriyam" ("Speak the truth; speak what is pleasing. Do not utter truth that is unpleasant"). God is the embodiment of truth. Truth is the foundation of the Universe. This truth transcends the mind and speech and is beyond the categories of Time and Space. Vedanta has described it as Ritam. It is also called Transcendental Truth. Truth is what remains unchanged over time. You must live up to this Truth. You must realize that the Divine is present in everything. Only when you can recognize the Omnipresence of the Divine will you be able to experience the Divine.
Truth is the very basis of Dharma. When a person recognizes the innate truth which is his essential nature, then he understands his own reality. For truth, good character is the very life breath.
Truth does not simple mean abstaining from lying. You have to take truth as your very essence, as the foundation of your life. You should be prepared to renounce everything for the sake of truth. The world conducts itself in fear of truth and is always subserviant to truth. When there is no truth, amn will be afraid even to live. Truth confers fearlessness on man. It is truth which protects the entire world and makes it move. It is truth that drives away fear. Truth is such an important quality that only when it s being fearlessly observed by an individual will he be able to attain divinity. Character is the life breath of truth. Important to character is virtue and good behavior. Humanity will not shine without good behavior. Virtues, good qualities, good behavior, all these lend splendor to humanity. In order to protect humanity and develop divinity, you have to take truth, character and good behavior as your basis. Untruth will destroy the persons humanness. Therefore, you should resolve to
always tell the truth no matter what, not fearing and not caring for the consequences, whether they be joyful and profitable to you, or whether they may result in chastisement and punishment. Just as a foundation is very important for a mansion, just as roots are the very basis of a tree, truth is the very basis of life as a human being. If you are wavering in truth, there will be no safety and protection for your life. Under the most trying circumstances, Harischandra never gave up either telling the truth or following Dharma. He considered Truth and Dharma like two eyes or like the two wheels of a chariot or like the two wings of a bird, each indispensable to the other.
The entire cosmos has emerged from Truth. And it will merge back in Truth. Where is the place beyond th sway of Truth? Behold brothers, that which is the pure Satwa! To every man born on earth, Truth is verily the visible God. The entire universe consisting of moveable and immoveable objects has emerged from Truth. Sathyam - Jnanam - Anantham - Brahma. Truth is indeed Brahman. Truth is endless. According to Vedantins, Truth is synonymous with eternal Brahman. Hence Truth alone has to be revered by everyone. Justice is their mainstay. Every man is the inheritor of Truth and Righteousness.
Truth and Righteousness will never submit to anything. All kinds of power, whether physical, intellectual, monetary, military or political, have to bend before Truth and Righteousness; but the latter will yield to none. Truth and Righteousness will always triumph.

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